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From the Publisher: July-August 2017

by janem on July 2, 2017

Border at Sissinghurst

Border at Sissinghurst

Tour Time
Summer is here! It’s time to kick back and enjoy all of the hard work you have put into your garden so far. Plus—and I know I say this every year—get out there and see what other folks around you are doing.

Touring other people’s gardens is without a doubt the best way to gain inspiration for your own. It doesn’t have to be Sissinghurst, either (though I do recommend Sissinghurst). Wander over and visit your neighbor. See something that grows well in her yard you haven’t tried? Plant it! Find it at a local garden club sale or ask for a division or a cutting. Gardeners tend to be very generous and giving people.

Check our calendar in this issue for scads of garden tours across the region. They are helpfully indicated with a “T.”


Peer Power
I have known Carol Bradford for a long time, though not very well, admittedly. We tend to bump into each other at industry events and because we had similar jobs for several years (local columnist for our city’s newspaper), we always had a lot co commiserate about. So it was a special treat to learn more about her in Michelle Sutton’s piece in this issue—she has had a fascinating life! Also, I am a sucker for Nicotiana sylvestris, so we have that in common.


Stump the Chump
We have a very special stumper this issue. Don’t miss it.

IMG_1825Thank you so much for picking up this issue of the UGJ. I hope you love it!

—Jane Milliman, Publisher

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