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Q&A: We ask, YOU answer

by janem on March 24, 2014


We’ve had dozens and dozens of guesses, and want to announce that this issue’s mystery plan is the Dunstan chestnut. You can read all about it here.

Congratulation to the first correct guesser, Sue Eick! She wins a lilac from Lilac Hill Nursery.

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Back in November we ran a “reverse Q&A” wherein we asked you, the reader, to Name This Plant. It was such a popular feature that we’ve decided to do it again. It’s a toughie, so if we don’t get any correct guesses by the end of March we’ll post a clue here.

The first reader to guess correctly will win a lilac from Lilac Hill Nursery. Submit answers to jane@janemilliman.com or by calling 585-733-8979.

The pictures are of a seedling, the winter foliage of a mature specimen, and some fruits (nuts).




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