From the Publisher

From the Publisher: May-June 2019

by janem on May 8, 2019

Happy spring!

This issue’s theme is lilacs, and we have all kinds of lilac fun inside, plus a feature on bioswales and rain gardens, our ever-popular almanac and calendar listings, and lots more. I really think you will enjoy it!

My Close Friend and Personal Confidant Ted “Doc Lilac” Collins has been gone from us a little more than a year now. I think of him every day, maybe because of the sticky note on my computer screen that says “Call Ted.” I put it there a week or so before he died, but I never did make that call. I just haven’t had the heart to take it down. 

Lately, though, it’s been falling off on its own. I stick it back up and then think, should I tape it? Should I super glue it? Should I put it in the recycling? If I throw it away, will I forget him?

Of course not. 

Probably the best way to remember Ted is to get out there and smell the lilacs—maybe even plant a few!

Thanks, as always for reading—


Jane Milliman, Publisher


From the Publisher-March-April 2019

by janem on March 7, 2019

Jane Milliman

Outside my window right now are about six inches of light, fluffy snow. Though the days are getting longer and the sun has made more appearances lately, it is still one hundred percent winter. 

Luckily, our winter photo contest is ongoing.

There is still plenty of time to strap on the snowshoes and venture out in search of songbirds; to get a view of your property from inside the house (that’s most important perspective, right?); or to wander around, take some pictures, and send them in to us.

While we only have a contest for winter images, we are happy to see anything that you shoot! We’re always looking for story ideas or pictures of your garden, public gardens, the Crafty Cathy crafts you craft … whatever’s on your mind!

Write to us at 390 Hillside Ave., Rochester, NY 14610; email; follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; and let us know what’s on your mind. 

We love our readers! Thank you. 

Have a very happy spring. 


Jane Milliman, Publisher


From the Publisher: May-June 2018

by janem on May 5, 2018

Welcome spring—real, actual spring, finally. Finally!

Cathy and I were lucky enough to get a respite from the area’s vernal misery when we traveled to New Orleans for the annual convention of the American Iris Society in April. Boy did we have fun! We saw a lot of Louisiana irises, including many in the wild—even from the windows of our coach bus. But we also took some time to explore the Big Easy, breakfasting on beignets, prowling the Garden District, and, of course, enjoying a Sazerac or two. After all, the French Quarter festival was on while we were there.

To answer the question I know is burning in your mind, yes, we can grow Louisiana irises right here in upstate New York. You can even see a Louisiana iris garden in Rochester’s Highland Park, though it might possibly be more fun to visit them in their native environs.

More on travel: We have decided to postpone our Scotland tour by a year, as we found we didn’t have enough run-up time to let people know about it. Look for the ad in this issue and contact us with questions.

We’re having fun with our new themed issues—this one is garden trends—and are excited to present Katie DeTar’s look at the trends she discovered at the Philadelphia Flower Show this year. Also, Michelle Sutton profiles Carol Watson Greenhouse, definitely one of the trendiest garden centers in CNY.

Thanks so much, as always, for reading!


Jane Milliman, Publisher